3D Bedroom

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3D Walk Through Bedroom Design

Spacious & Gorgeous

Giving amazing cityscape views by utilizing large glass windows, the contemporary styling of the room brings out a modern ambiance making it sensual and aesthetic and giving a warm feel with an abundance of floor space creating room for your furniture pieces.

The chandelier claims the focal point which gives an absolute delight to look at and the LED lights are a cherry on top! While still giving space for the television for a perfect binge-watch night. Also, adding to this simple and elegant design the wardrobe design is highly fashionable and extraordinary stealing the show.

Compact & Crafted

Creates an unparalleled sensuality and the high-end choice of design makes it look classy and unique, particularly making it extremely elegant and stylish, giving a sense of luxury and lavishness. The utility of corner space for a workstation or game zone is highly attractive with a shelf by the side of the bed, creating a home library with a cozy reading nook.

While still deeply decorative the bedroom is aesthetic giving the room a dark theme along with a wardrobe having gold LED lights with glass doors making it highly sensual and dreamy. The stunning design of the bedroom is striking.