3D Bath Room

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3D Walk Through Bathroom Design

Sensual & Stylish

Designed lavishly and with accessories and artful styling that gives the light, airy, and dreamy space an undeniably timeless elegance for the ages. A completely modern and high-class look partitioned by a black framed glass door while still leaving space for storing the essentials.

Moving away from the deep texture of stone, the bathroom gains defined lines. The marble sink is mounted with a mirror on the top and adjoining to the shelf. With a view of the lush greenery outside, the uniqueness of the bathroom is defined by the lighting and the floating countertop.

Chic & Poise

Creating a luxurious focal point in a bathroom and has an elegant contemporary feel with a separate door partition and spacious shower for a pleasing juxtaposition that feels modern. With a contrast of black and white the bathroom has a clear definition of Poise. The shower door is the highlight of the bathroom reflecting the adjacent space.

The floating countertop holding the sink with a rectangular mirror vertically and the lighting is a cherry on top, perfect for clicking bathroom selfies. The charcoal black with a tinge of grey and white ultimately gives the bathroom a gothic theme.