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3D Walk Through Balcony Design

Magnificent & Serene

Artificial grass is viable to provide a lush look and makes an excellent choice for landscaping balcony design outside filled with plants and greenery all over and enhances the fragrance of your balcony design. The use of plants efficiently utilizes the space of the balcony with patio chairs and a table in the center.

A 2-seater sofa and a wooden bench adjoining side by side create more room for sitting and the lighting gives an additional touch for peacefully enjoying the warm rays of the sun letting the sunbeams take all the attention and also, a perfect place for a quiet and comfy feel.

Small & Peaceful

The compact balcony with lush greenery and set up of hanging lights and a shelf for accommodating small plants with a chair and a mini table creates the balcony into a private and a go-to place to enjoy the peace. While the balcony still emphasizes the set-up of the plants which can be used for gardening and growing herbs of your choice.

Planting a vertical garden and placing low-sitting furniture makes it look far more inviting. It not just improves the beauty of the house but also transforms it into a welcoming environment. The small area for relaxing and a terrace worthy of spending the whole day on.