3D Living Room

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3D Walk Through Living Room Design

Simple & Fashionable

An exquisite living room that is cozy and comfortable, and creates room for the atmosphere. A completely modern and classy feel and is gigantic enough to host a party and is tailored luxuriously. The eye-catching mirror ceiling perfectly reflects the flooring.

The combination of simple and minimalistic materials creates an aesthetic feel and the show plant in the corner of the entertainment décor showcases the high sense of fashion and simplicity. The walls and the painting. The lighting is perfect as it can be from the décor lighting to the ceiling lights everything fits perfectly with the colors and the background.

Lavish & Modern

Highly elegant and upmarket look, filled with a variety of décor styles with an abundance of natural light beaming through the expansive windows illuminating the bright sunshine yellow accents. Incorporate display shelves and concealed storage units beautifully contrasting the texture and tone giving the living room a modern look.

Defining different areas and effectively breaking them in half to tackle the massive area in more manageable chunks. A marble TV wall holds together the lower half of the scheme while a classical ceiling treatment showboat above. The sofa creates a welcoming and conversational feel.